The world’s tenth largest roof solar system debuted at the Mall of Africa in Gauteng on Thursday morning.

It is also the world’s largest mixed-use integrated solar power-diesel hybrid solution, Attacq, the mall’s owner, said in a statement.

The 4,755kWp installation covers most of the centre’s roof space, an area of approximately 45,000m² or 4.5ha.

The 7,800MWh energy generated annually will be used to power the Mall’s daily operations.

Attacq said the solar power will alleviate pressure on the national power grid.

Michael Clampett, Head of Retail Asset Management at Attacq, said the solar/diesel system will save 8,034 tonnes of CO2 annually. The average household produced 80 tonnes CO2 annually.

The solar system also created 50 temporary jobs, and two permanent jobs.